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Hey guys! Please join our group if you create Five Nights at Freddy's art with Source Filmmaker, Garry's Mod, or MMD! Or, watch the group if you love to see what other people create!
Founded 3 Years ago
Dec 15, 2014


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Art Collection

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Digital Media

1,003 Members
1,033 Watchers
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welcome to the group!

Hello, and welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's animation and poster studio!
I assure you... there is nothing to worry about! But, the animatronics do get a bit quirky inside the software. Sometimes, they will tend to wander around your computer screen and even try to reach out of the screen. Now, the only real danger to you... if any... is, if you don't complete an image in time, they might try to shove you into a crappy SFM animation that will only get about 10 views..... yeah, they don't tell you this when you sign up. But hey first few posters should be a breeze. Ugh, just check the camera positions and I will talk to you later.

have some gifs!

Pizza shall rain down [animated] by Jupiterjumper2

swagalicious fox dance by Jupiterjumper2

spingtrap funtime! [animated] by Jupiterjumper2

and some awesome artwork that needs to be featured

(SFM) (FNAF) FNAF 3 Teaser Trailer Animation by PFT-Production

To all of my wonderful friends! by gold94chica

When the Nightguard Isn't Around (SFM Wallpaper) by gold94chica

Freddy's V.S. the Dynamic Duck Squad by Jupiterjumper2

Distracted At Work by KJMusicalx

Gallery Folders

Bonnie's Rare Jumpscare! (Bonnie) (4k) by Razorsz
The Witness fanart by Ionyen
Fnaf - Remain calm and listen to my voice [SFM] by ninidan
Fnaf - If Springtrap had a gun [SFM] by ninidan
SFM Posters 3
(FNaF SFM) Twisted Freddy by Ferg-E
Fnaf Sfm ) Bon Bon and Bonnet by KameronThe1
Nightmares by asianillusion
[FNAF/SFM] OC Friends! by DylsDyls
SFM Posters Full 2
[SFM FNAF] Baby by SkyProductions12
[SFM] : There is no need to Panic by VentTheRedBunny1918
The Pirate-Sailors Next Generation by Devil-Tank
We Are The Same Thing by candy-x-cindy
SFM Posters Full
Withered Freddy by TimHDXP
At The Window by Lord-Kaine
[FNAF2] I DON'T HAVE A FACE... by AnthonyBlender
GMOD Posters
Fandoms by koolbowser961
[FNAF SFM] Funtime Angel V2 (Unedited) by GreenBonnie130
Birthday and American Flag Day photo by BritishKnight1788
Philippines VS Spain by BritishKnight1788
SFM Comics
Comics by Mazen2004
[FNAF - SFM] Dang It Bonnie! by FahrezaArubusman45
(SFM FNAF And UT) We Don't Serve Spaqhetti by THOMASMARIOFAN48
GMOD Comics
Gmod - Fnaf : The Change by VentTheRedBunny1918
Hat's a Surprise by RaggedyStar
SynTrap Comic #1 by SynapseZeGeek
SFM Animations, GIFs
Our Little Horror Story Animation [reupload] by rhydonYT
Springtrap v5 Walk Cycle by FLOOMEZ
i'm here by marionetteloverfnaf
i tried by marionetteloverfnaf
GMOD Animations, GIFs
Withered Freddy by yoshipower879
Phantom Freddy by yoshipower879
Adventure Withered Bonnie by yoshipower879
Drama Queen [GIF] by Sharmlove1234
.::Ask#6::. by Sharmlove1234
.::Ask#5::. by Sharmlove1234
.::Ask#4::. by Sharmlove1234
Ask-Related Both SFM Gmod
Ask/Dare The Animatronics by TheSoldierNatior5000
Other Digital Art
~Struck Down~ by TheAwesomLuigi
Other GIFs, Animations
MMD OVERTIME? by Sharmlove1234
Hi everyone, sorry that I didn't see, but the original SFM Poster folder is full.  That didn't take long!  Thanks to everyone who's submitting!  So many people making SFM FNAF art now.

But, now there is a new folder.  Please submit everything that you could not submit before into this folder.  It should automatically accept your art.  And the old folder should not even be an option anymore.

Let me know if you have any problems, or need anything else done in the group!

More Journal Entries


Here's a few things to get started in the group! Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon by gold94chica

Join requests are automatically approved, so just hit that button! No need to ask first :)

Please submit your art to the correct folders! Art is automatically approved.

There are folders for other digital art, but submissions to those folders are limited to 1 per day, because that is not the focus of this group. There are literally 100s of other FNAF groups for your traditional and digital art!

Journals must be related to SFM/GMOD (ie announcing or discussing your latest SFM video etc).

Crossovers ARE allowed, as long as they focus on the original main FNAF characters.

Don't worry if your SFM or GMOD isn't "good enough", we all start somewhere! Submit it anyway! We are not elitists. Always looking for new talent!

Please, no NSFW/pornish content. Don't be that person. Gore/Blood is fine.

That's about it lol. If you need any help in SFM or Gmod, be sure to ask us!







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